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Name: Aki
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Name: Kamui
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
History link: wiki link
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in his late teens (18-ish) but has an elongated lifespan and is most likely much older than that.
Canon point: After Tokyo Revelations, just after he and Subaru leave Tokyo.

Personality: At a first glance, Kamui seems to be an extremely dispassionate and composed youth, unruffled by the many challenges of daily life. He seems to take things in stride, never expressing noticeable displays of emotion and always retains his self-control, making him an ideal leader in certain situations. However, unlike most cases, first impressions of Kamui rarely go far.

In reality, Kamui is detached and aloof with 20 feet of space between him and everyone around him, with only one exception. He refrains from casual talk, choosing to remain silent and not bother with those who are "beneath" him. He fails to give common courtesies to other people, even his allies and does only what is necessary, never doing or saying more than that. (As proven by how he remained in Tokyo for more than two years with none of his companions realizing what he was truly protecting beneath the tower.) Though many can tell from a first glance that Kamui isn't what you would consider "normal," his personality only serves to widen that gap between him and other human beings, making his true nature almost painfully obvious. As an outsider, if a word had to be chosen to describe him, it would be regal. He is elegant, deadly and not someone that can be approached easily without severe repercussion.

In contrast to that stereotype, he's practically childish in nature if one manages to break through to his temper. He's impatient, reckless and single-minded when he pursues the path he's set for himself. He doesn't know how to temper his words in order to be diplomatic, choosing instead to be horribly blunt when speaking, even when the topic can be sensitive in nature making him seem rude and abrasive. More than that, he's selfish, as all his actions tend to do little more than serve his brother-complex.

His brother, it should be noted, is the focal point of his life. Subaru is always first and foremost in Kamui's mind and it shows in everything he does, even going so far as to insist they travel across worlds to keep away from a hunter that is currently pursuing his brother. When Subaru's safety is in question, he becomes defensive, temperamental, rash and over-protective, believing no chore is too great when it comes to keeping Subaru away from the hunter Seishiro. He lashes out without thinking, which often leads to him getting caught by more skilled fighters. (The fact that he seems to have walked away unscathed from most of these blunders can only be attributed to Subaru's over-protectiveness of him. The complex is a two-way street, unsurprisingly.)

As such, it shouldn't be surprising that Kamui reveals an entirely different side of himself around his brother. Towards Subaru he has been known to be kind, gentle and loving, showing a tenderness that few people rarely every get to see of the vampire. For his twin he can be patient, putting aside his own fears and concerns to fulfill Subaru's first, even when they're being made for people he believes to be of little consequence. Furthermore, he is clearly willing to sacrifice both his blood and body to keep Subaru free from impurities or danger, as proven when he gave Fai his own blood in substitute for Subaru for a bargain.

In short, Kamui is a standoffish vampire with a brother complex who loses his temper a little too quickly when certain hunters are mentioned...

Powers/Abilities: Encompassing all of Kamui's abilities in written form is difficult due to the fact that his creators have been extremely vague thus far about why he can do what he does. As such, some explanations are going to fall a little bit short of expectations. However, what is known will be covered.

First and foremost are Kamui's "fangs." Unlike the traditional vampire, Kamui doesn't draw the blood from his prey by biting down on their neck and piercing their skin with his teeth. Instead, his nails grow to dangerously large lengths, becoming sharpened weapons with which to hunt his food. It is suggested that these claws are stronger than your average nails, as they are Kamui's primary weapon for feeding, but while they have a higher durability than you'd expect, one could not say they are unbreakable. Doubtless, however, they just grow back after being chipped. This is most likely due to Kamui's extraordinary regenerative abilities. As a vampire, (and a pure blooded one at that,) Kamui's body will heal extremely quickly. So long as the injury isn't immediately fatal, his body will repair broken tissue, shattered bone and lost blood within minutes, returning him to perfect health as if the damage never existed in the first place. (Assumedly, however, the more damage he sustains and consequently must heal, the sooner he has to feed aga

The second, and most noticeable, trait are Kamui's eyes. Though generally ranging in color from a light purple to a pale blue, whenever he feels threatened or engages in a "fight or flight" situation, they turn yellow and slitted. As such, other characters are most likely to be exposed to this change a lot during battles.

In regards to magic, up until this point he has been shown to be capable of sensing the approach of beings from different worlds, telepathy, control over the flow of blood even after it has exited the body and many other abnormal abilities. Whether this is a result of his own inherent magical talent or because these are the common skills of his race is uncertain. What is known, however, is that he is an extremely sensitive being, capable of seeing and interacting with those whose existence is entirely incorporeal. It can be surmised that he is able to see ghosts (since he was able to recognize Sakura's bodiless soul) and other abnormal apparitions with relative ease.

Furthermore, he can sense where magic has had an effect and where it has yet to take effect. If a spell has been cast and he is in the area to witness it, even if the spell's effect has not yet taken place, he will recognize it and has a relatively good chance of understanding it's intent. That being said, he does not appear to possess any real magical skill of his own. He cannot cast fireballs, conjure lightning or heal others with a wave of his hand. His skills seem to be limited to his own physical strength and his extremely sharp senses.

The one exception to this rule, however, is his ability to travel worlds. After paying a price to a woman known as the Dimensional Witch, a granter of wishes, Kamui gained the ability to travel from world to world. It is automatically assumed, given the nature of the witch and her business manner, that Kamui gained this ability together with his twin Subaru and is therefore unable to travel to a different world without him.

Lastly, Kamui has excellent fighting skills, being both strong, flexible and quick. His reflexes are almost perfect and he can send an enemy flying with a single twist of his arm. Added to that, he has an incredibly high pain tolerance and though injury might slow his movements, they won't dull his skill in combat.

Some other noteworthy abilities would be his heightened senses, the fact that he apparently doesn't need oxygen to survive and his ability to turn others into vampires.

Prose sample: As the fatigue of sleep slowly drew back from his mind, finally allowing him consciousness, Kamui immediately began to stir. His eyelids, heavy with the slumber that still had him, struggled to open and grant him sight. To provide him with the knowledge of what exactly was shining on his face when he was certain he had fallen asleep under a roof and safely in the darkness.

Raising a listless hand up to block the rays of the lamplight, Kamui finally managed some semblance of wakefulness and squinted against the assault on his pupils. Where…? He wondered blankly as he stared up at a ceiling of stone and dirt. The roof of the cavern he and his brother had taken refuge in as the inhabitants of this world continued their war on the surface above. Not wanting to be a part of such violence, he and Subaru had hidden in the earth below, staying out of sight until they saw fit to travel to the next world.

Just one night of rest, had been the idea. Just one single night of peace before they continued to flee from a man who wanted to harm his brother. At the mere thought of Seishiro, Kamui’s brow furrowed and he felt his ire rise. He would never let that hunter touch his brother and no matter what Subaru said, if he ever saw him again? He would kill him on sight.

Speaking of which… Kamui began to move his free hand out over the ground he was resting against, searching for his brother’s arm, wanting to make sure he was safe. When he encountered nothing but more floor, his eyes widened with alarm and he shot upright, immediately awake and wary as he searched for his twin.

A worry that eased almost immediately as he spotted his twin who had apparently curled up and away in his sleep, just out of his reach. Releasing a low sigh of relief, Kamui allowed himself one moment of reprimand for being too easily excited before he shifted over to Subari and settled back against him.

The lamp, which they had left burning, illuminated his twin’s features, peaceful and content as he slept. As Kamui brushed an errant lock out of his brother’s face, a soft smile curled his lips as he carefully arranged himself around his brother’s body and drew him close.

“Subaru…” The murmur was soft and caring as it escaped his lips. One word to express all the fondness and affection he had for his twin. Tomorrow they would move again, tomorrow they would travel to the next world to escape Seishiro.

But for today, he was happy to stay in this one spot.

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