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Name: Aki
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Name: Kamui
Age: Unknown. Appears to be in his late teens (16-18) but has an elongated lifespan.
Subject taught: Only applies to characters over the age of 18.
Canon: CANON
Canon point: After Tokyo Revelations.

At a first glance, Kamui seems to be an extremely dispassionate and composed youth, unruffled by the many challenges of daily life. He seems to take things in stride, never expressing noticeable displays of emotion and always retains his self-control, making him an ideal leader in certain situations. However, unlike most cases, first impressions of Kamui rarely go far.

In reality, Kamui is detached and aloof with 20 feet of space between him and everyone around him, with only one exception. He refrains from casual talk, choosing to remain silent and not bother with those who are "beneath" him. He fails to give common courtesies to other people, even his allies and does only what is necessary, never doing or saying more than that. (As proven by how he remained in Tokyo for more than two years with none of his companions realizing what he was truly protecting beneath the tower.) Though many can tell from a first glance that Kamui isn't what you would consider "normal," his personality only serves to widen that gap between him and other human beings, making his true nature almost painfully obvious. As an outsider, if a word had to be chosen to describe him, it would be regal. He is elegant, deadly and not someone that can be approached easily without severe repercussion.

In contrast to that stereotype, he's practically childish in nature if one manages to break through to his temper. He's impatient, reckless and single-minded when he pursues the path he's set for himself. He doesn't know how to temper his words in order to be diplomatic, choosing instead to be horribly blunt when speaking, even when the topic can be sensitive in nature making him seem rude and abrasive. More than that, he's selfish, as all his actions tend to do little more than serve his brother-complex.

His brother, it should be noted, is the focal point of his life. Subaru is always first and foremost in Kamui's mind and it shows in everything he does, even going so far as to insist they travel across worlds to keep away from a hunter that is currently pursuing his brother. When Subaru's safety is in question, he becomes defensive, temperamental, rash and over-protective, believing no chore is too great when it comes to keeping Subaru away from the hunter Seishiro. He lashes out without thinking, which often leads to him getting caught by more skilled fighters. (The fact that he seems to have walked away unscathed from most of these blunders can only be attributed to Subaru's over-protectiveness of him. The complex is a two-way street, unsurprisingly.)

As such, it shouldn't be surprising that Kamui reveals an entirely different side of himself around his brother. Towards Subaru he has been known to be kind, gentle and loving, showing a tenderness that few people rarely every get to see of the vampire. For his twin he can be patient, putting aside his own fears and concerns to fulfill Subaru's first, even when they're being made for people he believes to be of little consequence. Furthermore, he is clearly willing to sacrifice both his blood and body to keep Subaru free from impurities or danger, as proven when he gave Fai his own blood in substitute for Subaru for a bargain. 

In short, Kamui is a standoffish vampire with a brother complex who loses his temper a little too quickly when certain hunters are mentioned...
Name: Divine Fang

Form: A greatsword with a design similar to this. The blade is about 5 feet in length, the handle another 2. Enjoy lifting that.

  • Strength: Essentially drains a Player's Agility, giving the impression that they are suddenly moving through a world made of thick glue.
  • Vampirism: Physical attacks from this Weapon drain the opponent's Vitality and restore it to the Player wielding the weapon.
  • Red String: If the Weapon and Player have mutual strong feelings for one another all stats are boosted.
  • Last Stand: Offensive and defensive power triples if Player is near-defeat.
  • Knock Out: Gives a Strength boost to the Player but lessens the Durability of the Weapon.

Lost memories:
  • That there is a hunter chasing them.
  • Who Fuuma is.
  • That Subaru was freed after the events of Tokyo Revelations.
  • That "Syaoran" is prey.
  • That Sakura's feathers are great sources of power.
  • That he gave his blood to Fai.
  • How to tie shoe laces.
  • How to count.
  • That he doesn't have to kill someone to feed.
  • The price he paid to cross worlds.



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